Ropes course Koliba consists of 5 tracks

  1. ground - for the youngest children (low ropes course, swing and climbing wall)
  2. blue - light intensity, especially for children under 15 years and as warm-up for adults, 4 to 6 meters above ground (15 obstacles and a zip-line)
  3. red - medium intensity, especially for able-bodied young people and adults, 6 to 10 meters above ground (22 obstacles and 2 zip-lines)
  4. team (yellow) - designed primarily for couples, is part of the red track (6 obstacles)
  5. black - severe intensity, especially for experienced visitors (5 obstacles and a zip-line)
  6. You can check out all types of obstacles by viewing photo gallery.
Safety Rules at Lanoland - Ropes course Koliba in Bratislava
  1. The operator of Lanoland - Ropes course Koliba in Bratislava is Združenie Lanové centrum Koliba - Quinta Essentia, Ltd. and YMCA Slovakia.
  2. Participating in climbing programme is allowed with valid ticket only. Climbing on high ropes without the operator’s consent is prohibited.
  3. Entering the ropes course is possible only after you have been schooled by the instructor of Lanoland. User is obliged to obey instructor’s guidelines at all times whilst in the area. During the schooling is user made familiar with the following:
    • How to belay - user must use full body safety harness, belay set with three carabiners and must clip their carabiners into steel cables (marked with yellow) before entering an obstacle as well as during the whole time spent in height,
    • how to move - user is obliged to move around in such a manner as not to endanger their, as well as the other’s, health. Belay ropes must remain in between the arms and mustn’t be tied around the neck nor any other part of the body,
    • how to climb properly - user should climb in such a manner so that they use only parts of the course assigned for climbing. Do not touch belay cables and your own ropes.
  4. By registering at the cash desk and paying the entrance fee the user confirms that he has been acquainted with the Safety Rules, understood and agrees to be bound by them.
  5. Breaking the Safety Rules may result in a fall and a serious injury. User’s signature confirms their awareness of the fact, that moving through Lanoland is connected with certain risk of fall from height, danger of injury and that he decides on free will and fully consciously to undergo this risk and danger.
  6. Users must fulfill the following conditions: Minimal height: 130 cm, Maximal weight: 130 kg
  7. It is prohibited to:
    • climb under the influence of alcohol and drugs,
    • climb when suffering from health problems opposing engagement in this activity such as epilepsy, heart issues, diabetes or other serious health issues,
    • it is recommended not to climb if you are pregnant.
  8. Users under 15 are allowed to climb only when accompanied by the instructor or an adult schooled by the instructor.
  9. Users under 18 must have a written consent by their Guardian to enter Lanoland.
  10. Operator is not responsible for unattended personal belongings. Operator is not responsible for personal belongings stored in the premises of Lanoland.
  11. Operator has the right to terminate the programme or exclude person or group from the programme if found breach of Safety Rules, Safety Norms or Lanoland employee guidelines by the user or the group.
  12. Playground on the ground, climbing wall and low rope course are intended for use for children under 10 years of age. Children can use these facilities and move within the area only accompanied by an adult, who is responsible for safety of children entrusted to them. Lanoland is not responsible for the safety of children on the playground and entrance is at your own risk only.
  13. While children are climbing on the climbing wall or low rope course, responsible persons are obliged to supervise them and guard them from falling at all times.
  14. In case of bad weather (lasting rain, severe wind, temperature below 5°C) is Lanoland closed.
  15. We ask visitors not to smoke and not to drink alcoholic drinks in area of Lanoland. Thank you for your understanding.